About Me

As an IT Solution Architect Collaboration, with more than 10 years of experience in M365, I help specialist departments optimize their communication and collaboration. To do this, I design and implement tailor-made solutions with the following focuses:

  • 🌎 Achieve more together with SharePoint I create user-friendly and powerful portals that meet the requirements and needs of specialist departments. I use SharePoint features such as web parts, workflows, forms, search functions and security settings.

  • πŸ’¬ Always connected and productive with Teams I am part of Microsoft’s Tap100 program, which gives me early access to new Teams features. I support specialist departments in introducing and using Teams as a central platform for internal and external communication and collaboration. I integrate Teams with other Microsoft products such as Outlook, OneDrive, Planner and Power Platform.

  • πŸš€ Make everything possible with Powerapps and Power Automate I create tailor-made applications and automations with Powerapps and Power Automate that improve and simplify the business processes of specialist departments. I connect Powerapps with various data sources such as SharePoint, Excel and Dataverse. I create Power Automate flows to automate recurring tasks and send notifications. Sometimes I also use PowerShell scripts that I run in Azure Runbooks.

  • πŸ”§ Have everything under control with PowerShell I use PowerShell to automate and simplify administrative tasks. I write PowerShell scripts to manage, monitor and optimize SharePoint and Teams environments. I use PowerShell cmdlets to extract, analyze and manipulate data.

I always try to stay up-to-date with technological trends and developments in the M365 area. I like working in a team and communicate effectively with all stakeholders. I am proud of my ability to deliver creative and sustainable solutions that create added value for specialist departments.